About Us

In late 2014 Pavlos Panayi QC and Kerim Fuad QC decided to found the Cypriot Lawyers’ Society to provide a forum for Cypriot Lawyers in the UK and Cyprus to meet, share their experiences and make friendships and connections that would be of mutual benefit to their careers and practices. Since that time a core group of senior lawyers from both the solicitors and barristers profession and from all practice areas came together as a committee and our Society has gone from strength to strength. We had a meeting and drinks event on 20th November hosted by Carmelite Chambers which was a huge success and where we mapped out our aims and objectives. One of those was holding quarterly drinks and the first of these was held on 30 January 2015 at the Fable Bar. We aim to hold CPD talks, careers workshops for aspiring solicitors and barristers and to foster our links with professional bodies and the judiciary in Cyprus.

The aims and objectives of the Society are:

  1. to promote and to develop the legal profession to all Cypriots, regardless of background and religion, in the UK and worldwide,
  2. to represent its members and to support, develop and encourage Cypriots within the legal profession so as to assist them in their career aspirations consistent with the overall objective of enhancing diversity and equality of opportunity within the legal profession and the judiciary,
  3. to develop relationships with representatives of Government, the Judiciary, the Law Society, the Bar, ILEX, their associated regulatory bodies, and other law associations in order to achieve aims (a) and (b) above,
  4. to lead and/or to support campaigns that promote the objectives in (a) and (b) above,
  5. to inform and educate its members and the community about legal and social issues that are of interest to, and affect, the Cypriot communities,
  6. to provide opportunities and events for members and supporters to meet, to exchange views and ideas, and to socialise,
  7. to strengthen links and good relations between Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities both in the UK, in Cyprus and worldwide,
  8. to foster the creation of a network of legal professionals of Cypriot origin and with an interest in Cypriot affairs across the financial and commercial, transport, sporting and industrial sectors,
  9. to undertake such other activities as the Committee may determine in order to further the foregoing aims and objectives,
  10. The Cypriot Lawyers’ Society is not political and shall avoid taking a stance on any political issue, save insofar as such a stance accords with and is necessary to further the foregoing aims and objectives.

We would like to welcome to the society all those who share the above aims.

Pavlos Panayi QC and Kerim Fuad QC